“Awaken Your Feet”
Foot Fitness workshop

Body Works workshopYour feet are the foundation for your body. Like the foundation of a house, if the foundation is weak or fragile, the rest of the structure becomes compromised. With 26 bones, 31 joints, 20 muscles and over 100 ligaments and tendons, the foot is a complicated but amazing engineering marvel. It is vitally important to maintain the dynamic, supple support of this foot system.

This two hour workshop focuses on developing strong, flexible and healthy feet. It will cover anatomy and biomechanics of the feet, address plantar faciitis, bunions, osteo-arthritis, and weak or fallen arches. You will come away with a comprehensive Yamuna Body Rolling routine and Pilates-based exercises to do on a daily basis to continue to build your foot fitness as well as a better appreciation of how dynamic and precious your feet are.

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“This is How We Roll”
Foam Roller Workshop

Body Works workshopWhether you are an athlete or a Pilates beginner, your body will thank you for this! The foam roller is a simple and effective exercise tool with a diverse application

Release and Roll: the first hour of the workshop will focus on myofascial release using the roller and your own body weight to massage out tight muscle tissue.

Connect: the second hour will focus on Pilates techniques using the roller to gain strength, body awareness, and balance. Feel better connected into your core as we explore some of the Pilates matwork on the foam roller.

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“Hip Loose and Fascia Free”

An experiential workshop that will leave your hips, back and legs feeling light, free and full of movement. In a society where sitting for long periods of time is the norm, the muscles around the hip are prone to be short and tight.

Our goals are to provide you with an understanding of the workings of the hip, to release the muscles around it and to strengthen and support length through the hips and back. The workshop contents will include a brief overview of anatomy and biomechanics of the hip, Yamuna Body Rolling, Pilates-based exercises for lengthening and strengthening the hip flexors, followed by a question and answer period.