Teacher Training

The Body Works Pilates Studio is the first organization in Edmonton to offer a Pilates teacher training program. Established in 2000, the program has produced numerous Pilates teachers who now teach in many Pilates studios and fitness facilities in Edmonton, throughout Alberta and across Canada. The goal of the program is to train inspired and skillful Pilates teachers who have a thorough understanding of the classical Pilates repertoire and its application in facilitating proper functional movement to the broad spectrum of clients that they will encounter in the fitness field.

Covered in the program are:

  • An in-depth study of anatomy and biomechanics of movement that this work facilitates
  • The philosophical principles that inform the Pilates Method
  • Classical Pilates matwork and equipment repertoire
  • Contemporary¬† kinesiological concepts applied to the classical Pilates repertoire
  • Modification and progression of the Pilates repertoire for effective learning
  • Teaching methodology and communication skills
  • Safe teaching practices: contra-indications and modifications for various populations
  • Preparation for the Pilates Method Alliance Pilates Certification Exam

The program is divided into two parts:

Part A – 125 hour mat work teacher training course, covering the preparatory and classical mat work repertoire and its application to teaching Pilates in a group fitness environment. Course hours are divided into lecture/seminar sessions, facilitated teaching, class participation and self-directed practice teaching elements.

Part B is a 425 hour studio equipment training focused on the classical Pilates work on the major pieces of classical Pilates equipment. Hours include lecture/seminar sessions, practice teaching in the Pilates studio environment and personal practice. This route places a heavy emphasis on mentored learning experience under the close tutelage of experienced Pilates teachers.

The program is taught by Steven Bryson, BPE, owner and director of The Body Works Pilates Studio. Steven brings to this program an incredible enthusiasm for the Pilates Method, as well as over 20 years of experience in teaching Pilates, 12 of which have included teaching Pilates teachers, and over 30 years of teaching movement in various fields of exercise, sport and dance.