Steven Bryson, Founder

Steven Bryson’s passion for Pilates began in 1992 as a means to rehabilitate a serious back injury. This injury led him to The Dianne Miller Pilates Centre in Vancouver. After his first Pilates session, he felt immediate relief from pain and he credits master teacher, Dianne Miller for giving him back his life and sending him on a new career path. steve bryson portrait

In 1996, Steven opened Edmonton’s first fully certified Pilates studio. Since then, he has had the privilege of working with Olympic and professional athletes as well as many Edmontonians who look to incorporate Pilates into their fitness programs.

Steven’s passion lies in the rehabilitative power of the Pilates Method. He has a profound impact on the lives of people that have to overcome the compromising effects of chronic and acute injuries, muscular-skeletal injuries, hip/knee replacement and degenerative conditions involving osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and many more.

Steven has been a fully certified Pilates teacher since 1996 and has a Bachelor degree in Physical Education, with a concentration in kinesiology. He is a life-long learner and is continually upgrading his own knowledge and skill with courses and workshops. Most recently, he has completed his Neurokinetic Therapy Certification and the Fletcher Pilates Intensive Licensing Course. He has also taken various courses in body work including Yamuna Body Rolling, Ortho-bionomy and cranio-sacral therapy.

Steven is committed to maintaining the integrity of the Pilates Method. Since 2000, Steven has offered teacher-training programs at The Body Works Pilates Studio. He is also considered Edmonton’s leading expert in the Pilates Method and frequently presents and lectures throughout Edmonton.

Steven is tremendously grateful for what Pilates has given him. Not only was he able to overcome a seriously debilitating back injury, he went back to join the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers at the age of thirty. He has the great privilege of helping so many people better their lives at The Body Works Pilates Studio here in Edmonton. Most of all, he gets to live a full life with his beautiful wife Tanya and their two children, which even includes a bit dancing once in a while.

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