2017 Teacher Training Nov 5 “Meet & Greet”

We are ramping up for our 2nd 2017 Mat Teacher Training course and I am hosting a “Meet and Greet” for potential students on Sunday, November 5th.

At 12:00pm a mandatory 1-hour class will be taught to help both you and I to assess your ability to do the Classical Pilates mat work.

And at 1:00pm a 45 hour Q & A meeting will follow providing you with a:

1. course overview
2. discussion about what I offer and what I expect of each student to successfully complete the course
3. closing chat about dates and times including a November 17th start, that would work for everyone

If you are relatively new to Pilates movement, or seriously considering this training, this class and meeting will be vital for you.

You are highly encourages to take classes at the studio to prepare you for your course of study.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 780 433 4875 or send an email. We can forward you a course outline as well.

Please RSVP your attendance asap, thanks!

This is considered Part A of the 125 hour mat work teacher training of the course.

Part B is a 425 hour studio equipment training course that is scheduled for offering in January of 2018.