Walk Tall This Summer



Our summer unlimited pass series is back, with 16 classes available/week… and our focus is on one of the most fundamental movements we do – walking.

Did you know that with each step you take, you move through every joint of your body around all three planes? Gait requires full 3D movement. This seemingly simple act can get fouled up by habitual over/under-use patterns or compensations from injuries, preventing you from freely moving through your natural 3D motion.

Our goal is to help you find freedom of movement supported by your innate strength and coordination that will allow you to walk, run, and play.

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) classes open fascial lines through the body, much like self-directed massage. Using a 6″ diameter rubber ball, gravity and your own body weight, you will work to release restrictions in muscle and fascHip Picture 2ia. The three classes in the series will focus on: the entire back line from feet to head; through the shoulder girdle; and opening the hips.

Pilates mat and barre classes will build strength from the intrinsic core outwards, from primary movement patterns to the complex classical Pilates repertoire. The range of classes span from our gentle Restorative Pilates class (Wednesdays at 11:00 am), a Pilates Barre class (Monday at 9:00 am), Fundamental Mat (Tuesday at 12:00 pm, Saturday at 8:30 am), Intermediate Mat Class (Tuesdays at 7:10 pm, Wednesdays at 6:
00 pm), to our Advanced Pilates Matwork (Mondays at 7:10 pm) where we will be channeling Joseph Pilates himself as we go old-school with the classical repertoire. Up for the challenge?

All of the classes, YBR and Pilates, will incorporate sequenced movements designed to integrate the fluid 3D coordination needed in  gait. These movement exercises take you to standing and challenge the full body mobility through the five phases of the gait cycle. By summer’s end, you will be walking taller and stronger, moving with more ease and freedom.

Come join us and change the way you move!

Prior Pilates experience is not required to join us this summer.