2019 Spring Mat Teacher Training

Join us for MAT Teacher Training starting April 6th and running through June 30th.

Three large Weekend Theory Components include April 26 – 28, May 3 – 5 and May 31 – Jun 2.

Between these dates, as well as beyond them, there will be shorter half day workshops.

Commitments will typically run Thursdays 7 – 9pm, Fridays 6:30 – 9:30pm, Saturdays 10am – 6pm and/or Sundays 10am – 6pm, in 2 – 4, and 8 hour time blocks over the training period.

This is an intensive course and requires a strong commitment over a 3 – 4 month period. In other words, clearing the social calendar will be helpful in managing your time. ; )

Contact us for further information and to arrange a class drop-in and a chat to assist both you and us, to determine if this is a good fit.

EMAIL: epilates@telusplanet.net

PHONE: 780 433 4875

*Do note that dates and times can be adjusted for the shorter workshops, once the course rhythm has been established.

* Summer Equipment Training dates are currently being explored.

Wishing you well on your movement journey,

The Body Works Pilates Studio