Class Descriptions

Body Works Group Classes

If you love the energy of a group, then come and experience the Pilates work in a small group class setting. Learn to move with ease and efficiency with improved posture and increased energy in a fun and positive environment. At The Body Works Pilates Studio our focus is always to ensure each client gets the most out their movement experience. Our group classes intentionally are kept small to ensure you are receiving the utmost attention for your time, effort and money.

Pilates Matwork Classes

Thirty-four classical exercises will be used to build the ultimate core workout. These classes will give you a solid foundation upon which all the Pilates repertoire is based.

Fletcher Fusion Classes

Body Works Class - FletcherRon Fletcher was one of the first generating of Pilates teachers and a dancer in the Martha Graham Dance Company. He spent decades developing a repertoire that combines Pilates and dance. Each class begins with standing Towelwork® which opens up the shoulder girdle. The Floorwork® that follows expands from the classical Pilates matwork, taking the body from lying on the floor to sitting upright.

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) Classes

Body Works classYBR consists of a series of routines that use specifically designed balls to tone, strengthen and realign your body using what is essentially a self-directed massage technique. This is a terrific compliment to the Pilates work that only increases your ability to move with ease and freedom. If you are looking to have a weekly massage, YBR would be a perfect addition to your fitness regime.

Restorative Classes

Body Works classOur gentlest class, suitable for all ages. Learn to move well, develop your core strength and breath work. Reinforce Pilates fundamentals from the mat work to the equipment to standing.


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Equipment Group Classes

Take your Pilates practice to a whole new level! These classes are designed to have you experience the intelligence, fun, and genius of the equipment apparatus. Equipment classes entail working in groups of 3 – 6 with a certified instructor on the specialized Pilates apparatus. Pilates equipment classes offer the opportunity for you to reap the benefits of the Pilates apparatus in a group setting. These classes can be partnered with mat classes or private lessons to create a well-rounded exercise regimen.

Reformer Equipment Classes

Body Works classThe reformer is the primary piece of equipment used in Pilates and over 100 different classical exercises can be performed on this apparatus. Its diverse repertoire challenges the body through multi-directional loads while learning the mechanics and precise technique to progress your Pilates movement experience. If you are looking for a full body resistance class, this is the class for you.

Wunda Chair Equipment Classes

Body Works classIf you are looking for a challenging Pilates workout, this is the class for you! Joseph Pilates originally designed the Wunda Chair for use as a home exercise apparatus. Although it is the smallest moving apparatus, it challenges the body the most.