On A Mission To Help Find Your Space

Space…space…space…it is all around us! We are very fortunate to live in Canada where living space is abundant.

But have you ever thought about making sure you have abundant living space in your body?

Joint space? Disc space? Nerve space? Organ space? When the body starts talking to us through messages of discomfort and tension, the body is really telling us that we are losing our space. Similarly to when we cram stuff in a drawer, things get jammed up, disorganized and possibly damaged, the same exact consequences can occur in our bodies! When we take too much impact into our bodies, we end up getting stuck in our joints, disorganizing the body and damaging the integrity of our structure. Breakdowns of our body can occur quicker and more frequently.

Take a moment to reflect on what you do in your everyday living that might put undue impact into your body. What is your posture like? Does your job leave you sitting for most of the day? Do your activities pull into or impact the body? Do you live with stress? Have you lost height?

Have you thought about what is happening under the surface when you lose height? You are losing space into the joints, losing space into discs, losing space for your central nervous system, but most importantly losing space for your organs to function as they should.  Structure will always rule function. A compromised structure means compromised function everywhere.

Good news…getting our space back is more rewarding than cleaning out and reorganizing our drawers! We can improve…your body is wonderfully adaptable. Pilates helps to align, open and strengthen our bodies. Yamuna Body Rolling takes the impact out of the bones, aligns and reorganizes the structure and frees the restrictions. Working with these 2 modalities works wonders to take impact out of the body to regain and find your space again. You will have increased circulation, energy and capacity to do most things. Your drawers won’t be disorganized and jammed any longer!

Space is what every body needs but not every body gets. Once the body feels space, it moves with greater vitality and ease.  We are here to help your body get the space it deserves.