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See below for more details and contact us directly via email or phone to avail of the Summer Pass Policy.


Once again we bring you our unlimited pass series of Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) and movement classes with 16 classes to choose from every week for 9 weeks.

The YBR classes offer you a fantastic way of creating length and suppleness through the muscles and fascia of the body. Using a rubber ball, gravity and breathing, YBR systematically opens the multitude of myofascial chains from the spine to the periphery. We will focus on three areas of the body:  Releasing Your Shoulders, A Supple Spine and Freeing Your Hips.

As the summer series progresses, we will continue to evolve the YBR routines, providing an expansive look at whole body release.

With our movement classes, you will build up the strength to support the space you create in the YBR classes. We offer three types of movement classes to develop your capacity for good functional movement:

      Pilates Mat – from basic to advanced, core work at its best

      Good Gait – building on the fundamentals of walking

      Pilates Barre – combining strength, mobility & standing tall


9 WEEK EQUIPMENT CLASS SERIES (Not included in the Summer Pass option)

These classes are taught in a progressive manner building strength, balance and flexibility. This is a great option for a consistent summer workout.

Cadillac Class

Register early, as class size is limited! This is a full body workout focused on using your core in relation to spring resistance. These classes will definitely leave you feeling stronger and more flexible.

Chair Class

Don’t let the word “chair” fool you; this is not a “sit down” workout. Working on a smaller support base challenges your muscles and balance in a new way. This class will stimulate your mind, energize your body and help you develop agility and balance.

Reformer Class

The Reformer is one of the most effective and versatile pieces of equipment. In this class, you will gain unmatched strength, develop spinal flexibility, increase shoulder mobility and stretch your whole body.

There will be no classes Mondays,  July 2nd and August 6th and Equipment Class Series prices will be adjusted accordingly.

If you have any class ideas for the future, including days and times, please do share them with us via email. We may be able to accommodate you if enough students express interest with similar requests.